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Network Telephone Services embraces changes to the cell phone industry. New technology is making new infrastructures available and more attractive with every advancement.

Fading is the day when cell phone users are tied to a specific wireless carrier as Wi-Fi phones become more advanced and available.  Aiding this transition is the increasing availability of municipal Wi-Fi connections.  Mobile phone users may continue to have a primary carrier, but more often than not, wireless calls will be made by virtue of a wireless broadband connection at reduced costs and ever greater geographic coverage.

Network Telephone Services  is working with clients and consumers to embrace this evolution and integrate these new, more efficient solutions into the everyday operations of their enterprises and lives.


clec dereg
Network Telephone Services

There has been a lot of noise from CLECS regarding the transition away from legacy old telephone networks and evolving to high speed broadband networks. The complaint lies in the belief that the new paradigm will somehow negatively impact “special access services” generally sold to retail business by wholesalers. The CLEC cry for further regulation had be heard even from the weakest cell tower.

At Network Telephone Services, we wholly embrace a free, unregulated market based solution.

Besides, why should special access service users be saddled with the legacy technology when newer, faster, lighter solutions are available such as IP-based broadband networks? Shouldn’t the remaining special access services users benefit from the advancements in the marketplace?

As this debate unfolds, it’s nice to see a glimmer of a free market and deregulation shining as the preferred solution.




CS operatorNetwork Telephone Services deploys OrecX in a test environment for a leading North American client. After a recent review of the open source voice recording software, noting its compatibility with Asterisk, NTS has planned a testing environment in the customer service division for a major call center client.

The client sited needs relating to Compliance, Performance, and Risk Management. NTS open source engineers have been developing a custom solution and are presently beta testing and debugging. The OrecX tool offers the following benefits and flexibility:

    • Record VoIP SIP sessions by passively listening to network packets. Both sides of a conversation are mixed together and each call is logged as a separate audio file.
    • Oreka GPL call recording software can record all Asterisk voice calls using free codecs such as G.711, iLBC, GSM or G.722 and using either SIP or IAX2 signaling.




Network Telephone Service announces partnership with Sattvacom Social Media Services.

The move to begin offering enterprise clients assistance with their Social Media Marketing campaigns has become increasingly apparent, and now Network Telephone Services has found a possible way to make it a cost effective and painless reality.
Whether B2B or B2C, social media has long been an advantage for many small businesses and newer organizations.

In a recent Client review process, Network Telephone Services discovered over 85% of its clients have retained an outside agency to conduct inbound marketing campaigns within the last two years. These campaigns are largely driven by content marketing and social media lead generation.

Client Services leaders have decided to begin offering Social Medial campaigns on a limited basis to the most appropriate clients with the initial focus on B2C and CRM maintenance across its Marketing and E-commerce databases.


Plantronics-Calisto-ProNetwork Telephone Services HR and Ergonomics Director recommends Plantronics Calisto Pro for many staff members and clients who’s daily routines take them away from their desk while conducting conversational or customer service related job tasks.

handsetThe Plantronics Calisto Pro is a single line, cordless phone, with integrated, multi-function, Bluetooth headset, which offers professional sound for your home office as you remotely answer landline, VoIP and or mobile calls. It features interference free DECT 6.0 technology for superior call clarity. Its high-quality speakerphone also works when docked to give you hands free communication.

This device has a best-of-class sound along with noise-canceling microphone and extended mouthpiece. You can also load Outlook contact numbers or your Apple address book into its 200 name phonebook. Ergonomic earpiece is provided for custom fit and all-day comfort.

ear boomNetwork Telephone Services will be conducting suitability tests within several of its in-house departments and with-in offices of some of its call center clients.


radio_waves spectrumThe current white house administration congress find themselves under pressure to authorize the release of an increasing number of free and unlicensed airwaves. Technology, mobile computer and telecommunications industries predict major economic benefits as well as increased consumer flexibility as a result.

Network Telephone Services spokesmen have joined a regional coalition to lobby and pressure the White House and the FCC in this regard.

towersTeams looking to boost Wi-Fi services in municipal areas as well as metered monitored Wi-Fi hotspots are very interested in the release of the additional airwaves.  In apparent conflict is the administration’s desire to create more fee based, revenue producing licensed airwaves.

Next year, the Federal Communications Commission will auction off airwaves worth billions to wireless companies. Network Telephone Services is planning to be in a position to acquire several of these valuable assets and, in turn, increase  levels of service to its enterprise clients.

Mobile Beast Tracker – Man or Animal?

GPS footNetwork Telephone Services develops Sasquatch Finder Application specifically at the request of it’s largest Pacific Northwest Enterprise client.

Oregon based Carpet Man, Inc. has solicited the Mobile development division of the Telecom leader to develop an application to be deployed and used by the client’s field agents.
The Clients has complained that field reps are weary to make sales call in certain areas where Big Foot sightings have increase this Spring. Network Telephone Services developers and Use Case Engineers have interviewed agents regarding their sightings and near encounters with the man-like, hairy beast.
The application proposes to use real time GPS tracking of sightings allowing field reps to monitor their safety and proximity to any particularly hot and active areas. This will allow them to increase avoidance techniques in the course of their daily work.


Seven Lucky GodsIn support of one of its Asia Pacific Clients, Network Telephone Services Cultural Events Committee has elected to co-fund an upcoming documentary featuring information and entertainment about the “Seven Lucky Gods”.  For those unfamiliar with the Seven Lucky Gods, the documentary sets out to explain how many of the icons, images and characteristics of the deities were derived from practices of both India and China.

In fact, Daikoku, god of wealth, commerce and trade was allegedly evolved when tales of the Hindu god Shiva became co-mingled with the Shinto deity Ōkuninushi.
In honor of the tradition and the auspicious number “seven”, as has been a theme here at Network Telephone Services, Culture Committee members will darn masks of the Seven Lucky gods in a funding road-show later this month.

Characters expected to be seen include:

    • Hotei, an overweight and jovial deity overseeing of abundance and good health
    • Jurōjin, the god of longevity
    • Fukurokuju, the god of joy happiness, wealth and longevity
    • Bishamonten, god of warriors
    • Benzaiten (Benten-sama), goddess of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music
    • Daikokuten (Daikoku), god of wealth, commerce and trade. Ebisu and Daikoku are often paired and represented as carvings or masks on the walls of small retail shops
    • Ebisu, god of fishers or merchants, often depicted carrying a sea bream

The documentary film makers will complete production in Fall of 2014. Interviews with leading theologians, Asian history experts and Network Telephone Services Culture Committee members are expected to be highlight points in the film.


 Micro_kia handoff

Nokia gives way to the Monolithic Microsoft on Friday as the $7.2 billion deal comes to a close. After delays involving review of regulatory compliance, it looks like the acquisition of Nokia Services and its Devices segment will close this week.

The announcement was made Monday by Brad Smith, legal counsel for Microsoft.

Network Telephone Services Client Mobile Services Director embraces the transition as it may effect a marginal percentage of it’s individual consumers.
It’s believed the acquisition is a major step towards integration of mobile devices and more robust software clients. This business move will undoubtedly bring Microsoft innovation to the forefront and increase consumers acceptance and interest in Windows Phones.

Network Telephone Services will be conduction special reviews of any progress and transition and making appropriate information available to its Nokia clients.



Network Teleophone ServicesMost of Network Telephone Services Business and Individual Clients have “Cut the Cord” at home, in their office and across the board. Dropping landlines for cell phones and Internet-based phone lines has been the trend for some time now and Network Telephone Service has led the charge among its constituents and members to ensure the smoothest transition as well as offer some of the highest quality solutions.

color copperThe two primary alternatives to traditional, plain old telephone service –POTS, are Voice over Internet Phones (VoIP) and mobile, cellular based phone service. There are many benefits offered by both alternatives, but until recently, many businesses still felt having the security and stability of landline phones gives them a sense of peace.

With superior software services, customer support and redundant hardware solutions in place, Network Telephone Services has minimized the concerns of most clients and individual customers.

Network Telephone Services