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Network Telephone Services makes a bid for “Freedom Fire-wall” project.  It’s been well reported that China censorship of the Internet is pervasive and persistent.  For the first time, China has surpassed the U.S. in internet users and yet few people outside China know what it would be like to live with internet access controls.  Many are not even aware that there may be ways to get around the controls.

Bejing Cafe2Foreigners who visit China should expect some major differences in free web access.  Visitors and people working in China need to be prepared to work and live without Google, Twitter and most of their favorite daily newspapers.

Network Telephone Services is investigating ways for client business travelers in an effort to improve their ability to connect with associates friends and family back home.  Sometimes an attempt to send a simple email can be thwarted by China Firewall and censorship policies. That’s how bad it can get.

Look forward to Network Telephone Services coverage of improvements, work-a-rounds and news about Free China Fire-wall to come.



The Connect America Fund, part of the FCC’s initiative to bring broadband access to rural communities is well under way.  Network Telephone Services is currently reaching out to new potential clients in these areas based on their soon having access to higher speeds broadband networks.

In October of last year over $32 million in Federal funding was allocated to provide new broadband access to over 42,000 unserved homes and businesses in Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska. The Federal Communications Commission’s Connect America Fund, will be connecting over 100,000 people who suffer from inferior service, or a complete lack of coverage.

Network Telephone Services spokesperson echoed acting Chairwoman, Mignon Clyburn thoughts when she stated the following:

 Mignon Clyburn “Broadband is essential in today’s society and is poised to deliver tremendous benefits to rural America, eliminating the need to travel long distances for educational opportunities, to access quality health care, and to tap global markets,” said Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn. “I’m delighted we can provide an infusion of funds to connect communities in Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii to jobs and other opportunities as we work with our partners in the private sector to build out broadband networks that will reach all Americans.”



Microsoft has declared a long-term, ambitious deliverable  with new 3D Touch technology: The elimination of as many smartphone buttons as possible. This means that, for instance, Microsoft wants to be able to “remove buttons like power, so phone owners can simply grip their device to power it on.”

Network Telephone Services provides Windows phones to enterprise clients using windows machines through out their office and field personal.  These new proposed features will enable Network Telephone Service clients to increase efficiency and enhance user experiences.

1020-2Warren further indicated Microsoft will unveil these new Kinect-enabled Windows Phone features on a device that’s now code-named the Nokia McLaren that will essentially be Microsoft’s successor to the Lumia 1020, which made its name last year for having the best smartphone camera the world has ever seen. While the devil is always in the details with this sort of thing and Microsoft needs to make sure 3D Touch works well right out of the box, we’re certainly excited to see this new feature in action.


Net Nutrality

Network Telephone Services is in support of a movement to stop massive mergers in the Telecommunications business and preserve an Open Internet Environment.  The FCC has established a Commission which is now considering proposed rules to protect such an environment.

“The proposed rules ask questions about how best to ensure the Internet remains an open platform for innovation and expression.”

Chairman Wheeler is encourages the public to express their thoughts and objections now.  Under the FCC, Wheeler intends to have a well defined set of guiding principles and rules in place before the end of the year.  Consumers and entrepreneurs will be able to voice their objections and concerns.

The FCC claims they will take consumer comments into account and all comments will will help “inform the final rules.”

Please send your thoughts to

Note: You will be filing a document into an official FCC proceeding. All information submitted, including names and addresses, will be publicly available via the web.



Today marked the kick off of the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today sponsored by Apple.  A host of  new product announcements and updates, most of which will be available in the fall to the general public.

Network Telephone Services representative attendees reported a major highlight announcement is Apple Health, a proposed new division that would bridge it communications and application technology with health and wellness personal technology.  Craig Federighi, Apple executive,  said it planned to integrate data from various electronic fitness devices like Nike’s.  Apple also said it’s been working with the Mayo Clinic to provide  users a complete  picture of  health metrics along with some ways to understand the results in layman’s terms.

Apple evolutionInvestors and tech entrepreneurs believe there is tremendous opportunity for the computer/software giant when it comes to integrating its software into the world of “Things” for the home. “This could involve lighting, hardware, heating, music, entertainment, home security and surveillance…it’s an industry worth $100s of billions,” said Tom Copeman, CEO of artificial intelligence company Nara based in Cambridge, Mass.



Network Telephone Services Techs will run field tests with the Pebble smart watch which offers a simple look and an easy-to-read e-paper screen.  As an open source based device, more app are being developed rapidly.  NTS users will be focused primarily on the devices reminder and scheduling functions.


Field Techs will establish a quick Bluetooth pairing and start sending notifications from their phones to their wrists. It’s believed this will improve efficiency by reducing smartphone hand held times during and between field calls.  Network Telephone Services techs will decide what they want to see and what they need to be reminded of so they can stay abreast of dispatch schedules and various happenings with a quick glance at their wrists. When a notification comes in, the Pebble vibrates and displays the initial text.

Outside of notifications, the Pebble can set alarms, control your phone’s audio apps, and track body movements and service or field locations via the phones GPS enabled features. Android users can also download a number of helpful apps to enhance their experience further.



Many Network Telephone Services clients face obstacles as they aim to expand their businesses, become more profitable and improve their infrastructure.  One of the most common areas we can be of assistance is in the area of improved communications for clients that still have heavy dependence on landline telecom systems. At Network Telephone Services, we are able to expose the problems with these slow, inflexible and outdated communication systems.

With the emergence of numerous Business VoIP providers has come greater competition and, therefore more advanced and cost effective alternatives to POTS models.  It’s at a good time to investigate some of the top VOIP providers to help your businesses grow and also to create a more modern, faster and efficient communication paradigm.

This list of the Top Three VOIP providers was recently released and Network Telephone Services works with clients to define their needs and determine which solution might be best for them. According to the survey providers the criteria considered additional enhancements, customer satisfaction among others to come with the list of the best business VoIP providers. The top 3 in the list are:

RingCentral – RingCentral has an affordable package for their clients. Their services are easy to use, quick and simple to install, as they do not involve use of hardware. Their cloud-based system offers a range of services including fax service, conferencing, call management and mobile apps. Their customer support staff is excellent.

Vonage – Their strategy, no installation fees and contracts, has enabled them to rank among the best business VoIP providers. Their international call rates are low and customers can use them whenever they travel. They also offer a virtual assistant, smart phone apps, and voice to email options among many more.

Mitel – Mitel services are best suited for small and medium sized businesses. Their phone calls are characterized by clear sound quality. Their clients do not need to worry about loss of important information as they use secure data centers. They have low rates.

VOIP Solutions for business are dramatically different in scope than they would be for household or private usage.  Network Telephone services Representatives work with our clients to find the best solution for each individual case.

AT&T Entertainment Via Direct TV


Network Telephone Services is keeping a close eye on a  proposed $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T would make AT&T a leader in the expanding internet video provider arena. In a deal with DirecTV, the giant telecom carrier would need to expand its broadband internet services to over 15 million locations.  drtvThis deal could affect numerous Network Telephone Services clients as the largest expansion and implementations would need to be in presently unserved rural areas.  Spokespersons say the expansion would be accomplished using a blend of FTTP (fiber to the premises) and wireless technologies.

“We’re getting very close to closing out our VIP build commitment,” said Randall Stephenson, CEO and chairman of AT&T, during the conference call discussing the transaction. “That was a multi-billion dollar commitment to deploy 4G LTE across our network and significant amount of fiber into our network to extend our broadband footprint.”


The new broadband expansion plan, which is complementary to AT&T’s $14 billion fiber and Project VIP expansion plan is to be completed within four years of the close of the proposed Direct TV deal. Business and residential customers, many of which are also targeted for contracts with Network Telephone Services clients, will also gain an option to acquire stand-alone broadband service or expand their network band width as part of a service bundle which may already include land line, wireless or other  AT&T services.


Map Marketing

More and more mobile device users are turning on Location Services and GPS tracking tools.  Popular checkin’s and location based social media data are fast becoming a component part of the social media and social media marketing experience.

Network Telephone Services is working with its mid-size, location based retail clients to maximize these tools. With store locators and area specific social media messaging, NTS is showing business’

With the majority of mobile consumers using their devices to broadcast their location by checking in on Foursquare, posting a photo on Facebook from dinner with friends or getting directions, location-based social data has become the new currency to engage and build stronger relationships with consumers. Therefore, location-based marketing – targeting people with advertising based on their location – is essential for businesses to partake in.

Geo-location activities are often linked to consumer-related behavior, which is why this type of marketing serves as a powerful vehicle for reaching consumers, increasing engagement, creating a better experience and ultimately, growing sales. It’s important for marketers to move away from blindly offering deals and discounts, to utilizing location-based social data to reach the nearby, engaged consumer.

Marketers must move away from blindly offering deals and discounts, to utilizing location-based social data to reach the nearby, engaged consumer.


bureaucracy 01


Recently Ajit Pai, one of the commissioners for the FCC’s “Critical Information Needs Study”, voice strong opposition to the project.

Network Telephone Services agrees with Mr. Pai in light of the fact that the study would have required government agents to tour and make inquiries around major network newsrooms across the nation. The FCC agents would be interviewing editors, producers and writers about the process in which editorial decisions are being made.  The Agents would then have the authority to determine whether these news agencies were giving enough coverage to what have been defined as “critical information” news segments.

This recently canceled study would presume that a few bureaucratic regulators are experiences enough and morally equipped to determine what information “we the people” deem “critical.”

As an absolute violation of Free Market Principals and the Free Speech Amendment, Network Telephone Services is celebrating the recent cancellation of the proposed Big Brother FCC Study.

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