Seven Lucky GodsIn support of one of its Asia Pacific Clients, Network Telephone Services Cultural Events Committee has elected to co-fund an upcoming documentary featuring information and entertainment about the “Seven Lucky Gods”.  For those unfamiliar with the Seven Lucky Gods, the documentary sets out to explain how many of the icons, images and characteristics of the deities were derived from practices of both India and China.

In fact, Daikoku, god of wealth, commerce and trade was allegedly evolved when tales of the Hindu god Shiva became co-mingled with the Shinto deity Ōkuninushi.
In honor of the tradition and the auspicious number “seven”, as has been a theme here at Network Telephone Services, Culture Committee members will darn masks of the Seven Lucky gods in a funding road-show later this month.

Characters expected to be seen include:

    • Hotei, an overweight and jovial deity overseeing of abundance and good health
    • Jurōjin, the god of longevity
    • Fukurokuju, the god of joy happiness, wealth and longevity
    • Bishamonten, god of warriors
    • Benzaiten (Benten-sama), goddess of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music
    • Daikokuten (Daikoku), god of wealth, commerce and trade. Ebisu and Daikoku are often paired and represented as carvings or masks on the walls of small retail shops
    • Ebisu, god of fishers or merchants, often depicted carrying a sea bream

The documentary film makers will complete production in Fall of 2014. Interviews with leading theologians, Asian history experts and Network Telephone Services Culture Committee members are expected to be highlight points in the film.