Bejing Cafe

Network Telephone Services makes a bid for “Freedom Fire-wall” project.  It’s been well reported that China censorship of the Internet is pervasive and persistent.  For the first time, China has surpassed the U.S. in internet users and yet few people outside China know what it would be like to live with internet access controls.  Many are not even aware that there may be ways to get around the controls.

Bejing Cafe2Foreigners who visit China should expect some major differences in free web access.  Visitors and people working in China need to be prepared to work and live without Google, Twitter and most of their favorite daily newspapers.

Network Telephone Services is investigating ways for client business travelers in an effort to improve their ability to connect with associates friends and family back home.  Sometimes an attempt to send a simple email can be thwarted by China Firewall and censorship policies. That’s how bad it can get.

Look forward to Network Telephone Services coverage of improvements, work-a-rounds and news about Free China Fire-wall to come.