radio_waves spectrumThe current white house administration congress find themselves under pressure to authorize the release of an increasing number of free and unlicensed airwaves. Technology, mobile computer and telecommunications industries predict major economic benefits as well as increased consumer flexibility as a result.

Network Telephone Services spokesmen have joined a regional coalition to lobby and pressure the White House and the FCC in this regard.

towersTeams looking to boost Wi-Fi services in municipal areas as well as metered monitored Wi-Fi hotspots are very interested in the release of the additional airwaves.  In apparent conflict is the administration’s desire to create more fee based, revenue producing licensed airwaves.

Next year, the Federal Communications Commission will auction off airwaves worth billions to wireless companies. Network Telephone Services is planning to be in a position to acquire several of these valuable assets and, in turn, increase  levels of service to its enterprise clients.