Network Telephone Services Techs will run field tests with the Pebble smart watch which offers a simple look and an easy-to-read e-paper screen.  As an open source based device, more app are being developed rapidly.  NTS users will be focused primarily on the devices reminder and scheduling functions.


Field Techs will establish a quick Bluetooth pairing and start sending notifications from their phones to their wrists. It’s believed this will improve efficiency by reducing smartphone hand held times during and between field calls.  Network Telephone Services techs will decide what they want to see and what they need to be reminded of so they can stay abreast of dispatch schedules and various happenings with a quick glance at their wrists. When a notification comes in, the Pebble vibrates and displays the initial text.

Outside of notifications, the Pebble can set alarms, control your phone’s audio apps, and track body movements and service or field locations via the phones GPS enabled features. Android users can also download a number of helpful apps to enhance their experience further.